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Glamour Photography

The photography should always be done  tastefully.

Glamour photography is redefined by every generation depending on the social and political currents of the time. In the 1940s, pictures of "pinup" girls were considered glamorous. Pictures of Betty Grable, one of the most popular glamour photography models, were carried to war by hundreds of GIs. Glamour photography from the war era featured models either fully clothed or wearing swimsuits.

Over time, glamour photography has become more risqué. By the 1960s, models were posing for glamour shots in skimpier clothing, smaller bathing suits, lacy lingerie or partially nude.

Women have most often been the subject of glamour photography, probably because men were usually behind the camera! While today women are still posing for glamour shots more than men, men are gaining a stronger presence in the realm of glamour photography.

Glamour Photography is Not Pornographic

While posing for glamour photography can mean posing nude or partially clothed, glamour photography is not intended to be pornography. At most, glamour photography consists of erotic pictures taken within a general consensus of good taste. A full evening gown can be just as much a part of glamour photography as a nude photo that tastefully hides the model’s genitals.

Glamour photography relies on the power of suggestion, alluding to curves and erogenous zones without actually showing graphic details. Consequently, Glamour photos carry a tone of mystery and romance, as much as physical allure. Playfulness is also a key part of part of glamour photography, as if the model were flirting with the viewer. The crudeness of pornography should not be part of a glamour photography shoot.

While the model is the central feature of glamour photos, other aspects light lighting and soft filters are key to producing a professional looking glamour shot. Like fashion photography, glamour photography locations are either in studio or at exotic locations.

For example, Maxim is one of the more popular magazines that exhibits glamour photography. In contrast, Playboy is a more pornographic magazine and, therefore, not considered to be a display of glamour photography.

Why Glamour Photography?

Why is posing for glamour photo shots so popular? People become interested in glamour photography for many reasons. While models may wish to pose for glamour shots for their job portfolios, advertisers use glamour photos to sell their products.

Sometimes, glamour photos are for personal rather than commercial use. The person posing for glamour shots may intend to give someone special the photo as a present. Others may enjoy posing for glamour shots to get a taste of being the center of a glamorous life. Being the center of a photo shoot, made up with alluring clothing, can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Posing for Glamour Shots

Posing for glamour shots requires that the model trust and feel comfortable with the photographer, especially if the person being photographed is not used to modeling. Most people feel self-conscious and possibly silly posing for glamour shots. Experienced photographers are considerate, striving to create a trusting, comfortable atmosphere.

Talk with potential photographers before posing for glamour shots. Discuss what types of poses, dress and attitude you want the resulting photos to contain. Do you want the glamour photography to have a mysterious or nostalgic theme? Do you want to present a loved one with a "cheesecake" or "beefcake" photo? Or do you have a specific theme in mind?

Preparing for a Glamour Photography Shoot

Before going into the shoot, assess the degree to which you're comfortable with nudity or partial nudity. If you aren't comfortable with something, let the photographer know before the shoot. A photographer who tries to "force" the shoot by insisting on certain conditions isn't the best choice for amateurs posing for glamour shots.

However, once you've discussed your intentions and limits, trust the photographer. Listen to his direction during the glamour photography shoot--you're paying him for his professional expertise, after all. You can also collaborate with him by offering your own suggestions. Posing for glamour shots can be a fun experience that may provide you with photos you (and others) will never forget.

Glamour photography has been around since at least World War II when American GIs took pinup pictures of Betty Grable to war. Since then, posing for glamour photographs has become a popular way to present a spouse or loved one with a uniquely sexy photo. While glamour photography can include nude shots, more often it features a partially or even fully clothed model.


Boudoir photography is typically photography that romanticizes and celebrates the female form.

It is often done as a gift to ones lover. Boudoir photography is typically suggestive, romantic and is often shot with the model nude, semi nude or with implied nudity.

Boudoir Photography is almost always done in the studio with a bedroom setting using tasteful and classy props to enhance the feeling of romance and richness.

We are prepared to travel with our location lighting to light your own bedroom or location that you would like us to photograph.

Because of the time to create the set and light it, boudoir photography is more expensive than outdoor glamour photography. For pricing look at