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Houston Professional Photography will travel to any location to offer their professional photography services. The travel fee for each event will be quoted on an individual basis. However, below are some general guidelines and rates that we consider when we travel.

A vehicle travel fee is charged when we use ground transportation and round trip travel from our location exceeds 50 miles. In that case, clients will be charged for travel fees based on the round trip mileage or travel time (whichever is more) as described in the following chart:

Round trip mileage (Miles) Round trip travel time (Hours)

Travel fees:
50 to 100
1 to 2

100 to 150
2 to 3

150 to 200
3 to 4

200 to 250
4 to 5

If a job would require that our photographer(s) depart from HPP’s location before 7:00 a.m., or if it would require an estimated return arrival time to HPP’s location after midnight, then overnight lodging either before or after the event is required.

We will calculate the expenses and travel fees of the events that require more than 250 miles round trip travel based on the specific requirements for that event. An estimate of such fees will be provided as part of our proposal to photograph such an event.

If air transportation is required, clients will be charge actual expenses, including airfare, car rental, and two nights accommodation in or very close to where the event is taking place, as well as a $75 per diem per photographer. Overnight accommodations are essential for the night before the event and the night of the event. This will assure that if any unforeseen circumstances arise our photographers will be there in plenty of time and can perform at their best.