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As a performer, you are a brand. To be a successful brand, you need the tools that best show off your commercial potential, and in the age of the Internet, head shots alone are not enough.

Today's producers and casting directors want to see what you can do on screen, and a professionally edited demo reel is an indispensable tool for presenting yourself as a marketable screen performer.

Demo reels exist for one reason: to showcase you and your versatility as an actor. When creating your reel, Rome Wilkerson will use his keen narrative instinct and years as a professional editor to transform your clips into the best possible vehicle for your talent.   

Basic Demo Reel:

Fitness / Fashion Demo Reel:

Youth Demo Reel:

DVD Master of your reel playable in DVD player or computer.

Up to 7 individual clips Up to 5 minutes

(suggested under 3 minutes)

Rates starting @ $350.00

Extra editing charge:

Anything outside of the normal time allotted for a reel. May include extra time to choose a clip for you or retrieve protected footage.

* Will quote price before job is done. *

$75.00 an hour

Call for more info: 832-243-4579