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Corporate photography

During your last corporate event, did anyone document the event's activities? If not, did the day go unremembered? Were guests or VIPs time documented such that all involved would have a token of the appreciation from the event? Then, were the results — the images — used effectively — were they used for marketing purposes? If not, you've been missing out!

The documentation of corporate events, such as picnics, holiday parties, anniversary celebrations, recognition ceremonies, guest speaker presentations, worldwide get-togethers, product unveilings, is a grand marketing tool.
Images as effective marketing tools

Images are props. They sell products. They sell services. When teamed with appropriate text, they are the reason people buy. In the corporate environment, it's no different. Images can be used in internal newsletters as communication to organizations. They may be used on the web, in published articles or in press releases, if in fact the image will be accepted to convey a message more prominently.

When you don't have the images, you have only text to describe the event. Text, as we know, doesn't do an event justice. Text doesn't tell the true story, capture the same emotion or evoke the same response as a photograph of the same.

In business, we know that all events are opportunities for marketing — whether that be internally for morale or other purposes or externally to customers. It's all about marketing. The images of a celebration, of that special guest, of that recognition will add authenticity and believability to your published content.


The last time someone walked into your store, did they already feel at home? Did they know what to expect? What they would see? Just as we spend time photographing our products and setting up our websites, we also must take the time to market our spaces. People frequent places in which they are comfortable or feel at home. When searching for their next place to shop, an individual may select one place over another simply due to the images they find online or in print.

Take the time to document your space and create a sense of comfort from your store in your marketing materials. Use artistically created images in your materials and your customers will be right at home the next time they stop in.